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private label


Our private label division offers full package private label production that can be tailored to fit what our customers are looking for.   The services we offer include creative and technical design, cut and sew, pattern making, grading and marking, sample production, fabric sourcing, and more.  We employ a highly skilled, experienced production staff on site to guarantee that we can get the job done correctly and on time.   Our garments are sewn in our own factory right down the hall from our corporate offices, which gives us the capability to keep a close eye on all production activities as well as make adjustments on the fly and implement changes without delay.   


Since our inception we have been a private label manufacturer for some of the country's largest catalogs, brands, and retailers.  Many of them showed faith in us when we were just starting out and have been rewarded with a decades-long relationship based on reliability and trust.  Our core values when it comes to private label production are quality, accuracy, and timeliness, and our customers would tell you that we do everything possible to adhere to these values.


Please CONTACT US today if you have a question about our private label production services.  We would love to hear from you. 

Let us provide start to finish production services for your brand.

Our design staff has decades of experience in both creative and technical garment design, as well as entensive knowledge of current design trends and concepts.  

We will work with you until your samples are exactly how you envisioned and we won't start production until you are completely satisfied.

Our on-site factory is experienced, versatile, and professionally trained to maximize timeliness and quality in our production.

For over two decades we have provided private label manufacturing for some of the industry's most influential brands and retailers.  We want your brand to be next.



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