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what we do

We are proud to have a multi-faceted role in the domestic fashion industry through our own signature brands as well as private label production services that we provide to partners all over the country.  


We currently own and manage multiple apparel brands that are sold in the U.S both online and through physical retailers. While each one is different, they all share the same emphasis on exquisite craftsmanship, high quality fabrics and materials, and fashionable design concepts. We are involved in every aspect of our brands' existence, from product development to operational management to digital marketing strategy. 



Our private label services include design, cut and sew, pattern making, fabric sourcing and more.  We have a staff that is experienced in all phases of the production cycle so we are able to tailor our services to our customers. For over a decade we have manufactured garments for some of the country's largest catalogues, brands, and retailers. 



We are located in New Bedford, MA, a city with a rich history in the textile industry.  As more and more companies move their manufacturing back to the US, we are excited to contribute to the revitalization of the local economy as well as the rebirth of the apparel industry in America.


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